3 Natural Remedies – And You will not be disappointed!: Neuropathy Fix-1: Mycotoxin-binding food mix to abate nerve cell degeneration. Neuropathy Fix-2: Nutrients to support nerve cell repair. Neuropathy Fix-3: Energizing drink mix to optimize nerve cell function. This is STEP THREE: Neuropathy Fix-3 is formulated to optimize energy production of nerve cells and is begun 3 weeks after taking Neuropathy Fix-2. This supplement is not formulated to mask the pain associated with neuropathy, but to repair the damaged nerves. The free book explains in detail the science that backs the 3-step NEUROPATHY FIX protocol. Neuropathy Fix-2 is formulated to provide glial cells the basic nutrients needed to make myelin and includes other amino acids that support cell growth and repair. Other nutrients, such as lecithin, are added to stimulate growth of new myelin sheath which protects nerves and serves to prevent shaking. It is a powerful mix of ingredients, designed to boost the body’s natural ability to make growth hormone, which helps to strengthen muscles and nerves. All natural ingredients: A proprietary blend of Apple cider vinegar powder, malic acid, pectin, magnesium citrate, magnesium threonate, calcium ascorbate, ribose, inositol, flush-free niacin, folate, tangerine powder, stevia and lime powder.

Product Features

  • ✅ REPAIRS ROOT CAUSE OF NEUROPATHY NOT JUST PAIN SYMPTOMS – MD-Formulated natural internal supplement (8 oz/25 servings ) to reverse non-traumatic nerve damage. Positive results commonly reported within one week.
  • ✅ FAST HEALING – Fix the inside rather than mask pain symptoms on the outside. NEUROPATHY FIX-3 is formulated to optimize nerve function and energy production. Begin after three weeks of taking NEUROPATHY FIX-2 formulated to repair damaged nerves.
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – FIX-1: BIND NEUROTOXINS. FIX-2: REPAIR DAMAGED NERVES. FIX-3: OPTIMIZE NERVE FUNCTION. You will not be disappointed! Neuropathy Fix-3 is formulated to OPTIMIZE nerve function by increasing nerve cell energy needed to make neurotransmitters that turn on the lights!
  • ✅ REAL MEDICINE BASED ON REAL SCIENCE – Free 45-page book included in your package explains the science that backs the Neuropathy Fix 3-step protocol.

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